My Story
Alexis Kroon, Owner and Founder

I could tell you where I’m from, where I went to school, what my work experience is, or when I received my accounting designations.  But that’s not entirely who I am or my whole story.

What I will share with you are my four passions.

I love numbers (doesn’t everyone?).

I love helping people through my knowledge and skills while serving on a Finance Committee or a Board of Directors.

I love organizing that which is unorganized.

And finally, I love following the rules (what accountant doesn’t?).

These four passions have resulted me in starting a consultancy that provides bookkeeping and accounting services specific to not-for-profit organizations such as registered charities and non-profits.

I look forward to giving back to my communities so that you can give back to yours.

To provide accurate bookkeeping and payroll services exclusively to not-for-profit organizations.

To be the #1 choice in bookkeeping for not-for-profit organizations.

Our Values
Giving Back
We believe in giving back to our communities in a variety of ways, through our time, our talent or our treasure.

We believe everyone needs to be treated in a respectful manner.

Striving for Excellence
We believe in doing our best every day, for our clients and for the greater good.